Duracell Car Battery – 658 (Brand New)

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Battery Specifications

    1. Has a 30 Month Warranty
    2. Brand New and Maintenance Free
    3. Battery is 100AH – 800CCA
    4. Battery dimensions are 35cm(L) x 17cm(W) x 19cm(H)
    5. Recommended by Tiger Wheel & Tyre
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Product Description

At Power Infinity, having your vehicle fitted with a battery you can trust is absolutely essential. Besides providing the power to start your car, it keeps the electrical systems running and reduces the effects of high voltage spikes. It’s an invaluable way to safe-guard your daily drives and minimise the negative consequence of unavoidable accidents.

In terms of reliability, no brand is more strongly associated with longer lasting energy than Duracell, and now they’ve branched out into the automobile industry.

Duracell batteries were first created in the early 1920s by scientist Samuel Ruben and manufacturer Philip Rogers Mallory to power smaller devices. Decades later, they’ve been used to keep so many devices operational for such long periods of time, that the brand is synonymous with durability and premium quality. Combined with full calcium technology and a 4-chamber leak protection system, no other product is as ideal a match for the daily performance demands of modern vehicles.

Power Infinity is proud to fit your automobile with the Duracell car battery that offers it maximum power every day of the year.

At Power Infinity, we’re so sure these copper top, spill-proof and zero-maintenance Duracell batteries are ideal for your vehicle that we give you a 30 Month Warranty. What’s more, we will come to you.

Additional information

Weight 24.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 17 × 19 cm
Scrap Batteries

I have an old/scrap battery to return (no charge), I do not have an old/scrap battery to return (add R320.00)